3-17- Jaime and Igor

Jaime Borman dancing Hustle with partner Igor

3-20 Trish and Igor

Trish Allutto dancing Hip Hop/ Hustle with partner Igor

3-21 Sharone and Nolan

Sharone White dancing Hip Hop with partner Nolan

3-21 Ed and Xio

Ed Garcia dancing Salsa with partner Xio

3-24- Jackie and Nolan

Jackie DiNuzzo dancing a Medley with partner Nolan

3-19-Ivie and Nolan

Ivette Sanchez dancing the Quick Step with partner Nolan

Igor and Denise

Denise Casanova dancing Salsa with partner Igor

Image 16- Anthony Zollo with parnter Xio

Anthony Zollo dancing the Rumba with partner Xio

Lizanne and Nolan

Lizanne Badolato dancing the Hustle with Partner Nolan

Marisa and Igor

Marisa Koehler dancing Broadway with Partner Igor

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