Today was just another day in the life of the DWTT team… IN JUST ONE DAY, WE RAISED $14,840 FOR SU2C! First day of ticket sales was a HUGE success.The show of support from our school community was unbelievable. Out of 1580 total seats to sell for our two-night event, we sold 1204 seats on DAY 1! We will continue selling tickets at FMS during the lunch periods (10:00-1:00) until sold out. There are only 117 tickets left for Friday, February 28th and only 256 tickets left for Saturday, March 1st. Tickets are $12.00 each. Don’t delay…tickets will be gone soon! Whether you bought 1 ticket or 40 tickets, you have made a difference in the fight! Thank you!

2:12- Ticket Sales in Full Swing 2:13- Post DWTT Team at Table selling tickets 2:12Ticket Sales-Jen and Michelle 2:12Ticket Sales-Moe and Jen 2:12Tickets sales-Crowd

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