Here are two of the beautiful bulletin boards on display at Riverview Nursery School(RNS) located in Nyack, NY. Riverview has joined Fieldstone in the crusade for a cure. Through the leadership of two of the teachers at RNS, Jeanne Marks and Diane Minnuni, their entire school community has dove head first  into supporting the cause, RNS will be selling arrows for $1.00 and creating a satellite “wall of support” in its hallways. These two amazing women are teaching and inspiring children as young as two years old that they CAN make a difference in the world and “stand up for change”. This is just another example of the kind of collaborative effort that makes DWTT such a special project. If we ALL work together and unite in our common goal to find a cure, then this really is where the end of cancerbegins… #dwttsu2c#standuptocancer #riverviewnurseryschool,#amazingwomen #teachersandstudentswhocare#collaboratetoaccelerate#thisiswheretheendofcancerbegins2:2-Riverview Nursery School Bulletin Boards

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